Debtor / Creditor Disputes

Protecting Creditors’ Rights Against Insolvent Debtors

If you or your business needs help enforcing your rights as a creditor against an insolvent, illiquid or fraudulent debtor, call the South Florida law firm of Dimond Kaplan & Rothstein for dependable advice and resourceful representation today at 888-578-6255. Our experience with the protection of creditors’ rights covers the spectrum from voiding multi-million dollar preferences in bankruptcy to recovery of assets in SEC receivership proceedings. We advise individual creditors, creditors’ committees, financial institutions, bankruptcy trustees, state and federal receivers, or any other party whose rights to repayment are in question.

Our experience with creditors’ remedies allows us to advise you with regard to your claim, your collateral position, and your rights in relation to other creditors. We know how to trace and recover assets that were wrongfully transferred by the debtor in an effort to defeat creditors’ rights, and we know how to present your claims against third parties when the debtor’s relationship with affiliates or principals will support action against alternative sources of recovery.

Experienced Counsel for Asset Recovery, Bankruptcy Claims, and Receivership

Our lawyers advise and represent creditors in such situations as the following:

  • Negotiated workouts of claims against debtors headed toward bankruptcy
  • Liquidation of security interests, real estate mortgages, and pledged collateral
  • Enforcement of guarantees
  • Representation of unsecured creditors or bondholders committees
  • Priority disputes with competing or subordinated secured creditors
  • Identifying and voiding preferential payments
  • Identifying and recovering fraudulent conveyances or transfers
  • Evaluation of Chapter 11 plans and disclosure statements
  • SEC receivership proceedings

Learn More About Our Experience

Our experience with debtor-creditor relations allows us to protect your rights in even the most complex situations. For more information about our experience with commercial debt enforcement cases, call an experienced commercial litigation attorney at Dimond Kaplan & Rothstein today at 888-578-6255 or fill out the form below.