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Traditionally, securities fraud litigation and arbitration implicates a broker who allegedly lied, cheated or stole investors’ funds, or otherwise mishandled a customer’s brokerage account. However, increasingly, brokers themselves have been victimized by brokerage firms who failed to properly explain an investment to the brokers and failed to properly train brokers about an investment or withheld from brokers negative information about an investment.

If your investment turned sour, you may believe that your stockbroker is to blame. You may expect that pursuit of justice versus your broker is the way to go if you suffered losses because of any of the following type of securities fraud:

Upon closer investigation, it may turn out that your broker also believes that he or she was misled and defrauded by your brokerage firm. Your broker may be willing or eager to cooperate with you in seeking redress through arbitration, through litigation, or through a class action.

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Your broker may have his or her own lawyer who is willing to collaborate with Dimond Kaplan & Rothstein, P.A. Or you may be a broker in search of a law firm to help your clients recover money from a brokerage firm. Our New York City, Los Angeles and Miami broker cooperation lawyers are prepared to represent securities clients or brokers in lawsuits against brokerage firms when the facts warrant doing so. Contact us to schedule a consultation at no cost to you at 888-578-6255.