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Mexico City Investors Can Bring Claims Against UBS for Lehman Note and Other Investment Losses

Mexico City Investors Can Bring Claims Against UBS for Lehman Note and Other Investment Losses ( En Español )

Mexico City investors who lost money investing in Lehman Brothers principal protected notes and other securities: New York City, Los Angeles and Florida law firm Dimond Kaplan & Rothstein, P.A. may be the source of justice that you seek. Our law firm represents numerous Lehman Brothers Notes investors who have lost money and has brought numerous claims against UBS to recover those investment losses. We have Spanish-speaking lawyers and assistants who handle your case in confidence.

Learn About Arbitration Awards Against UBS for Lehman Losses and How to Recover Your Losses

We believe that many Mexican investors purchased Lehman Brothers principal protected notes based on UBS’s recommendations and advice. UBS sold approximately $1 billion in Lehman principal protected notes – while failing to disclose certain material information about Lehman Brothers and UBS’s own financial ties to Lehman Brothers. Among other things, UBS did not inform investors that UBS was actively divesting itself of its financial exposure to Lehman Brothers at the time it was recommending that investors buy Lehman Brothers securities.

In September 2008, Lehman Brothers filed for bankruptcy protection. At that time, Lehman Notes became virtually worthless and investors in the Federal District of Mexico (México, D.F.) and from around the world now are unsecured creditors in Lehman’s bankruptcy, with little hope of recovering money from Lehman Brothers’ bankruptcy estate.

The good news is that many investors who have filed FINRA arbitration claims against UBS, claiming that UBS misled them about the risks of the Lehman Notes, have recovered money from UBS. So far, arbitrators have awarded millions of dollars to investors who were misled by UBS.

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