Investor Class Action Denied in Puerto Rico UBS Bond Fund Case


FINRA Arbitration Still an Option for Investors

A New York federal judge has refused to certify as a class action a 2015 Puerto Rico UBS bond fund lawsuit that was filed against UBS and its affiliates. The lawsuit, which sought to represent everyone who bought UBS Puerto Rico bond funds between May 5, 2008, and May 5, 2014, alleged that UBS recommended and sold its risky Puerto Rico bond funds to Puerto Rico residents without conducting the required suitability analyses. Incidentally, when Puerto Rico’s financial troubles worsened in 2013 and 2014, UBS’s Puerto Rico bond funds lost billions of dollars, or more than half their value.

The judge said that a suitability analysis is unique for each investor, requiring a review of each individual’s investment goals and investor profile. More specifically, the judge said, “A suitability determination is inherently individualized because each investor had unique circumstances and objectives including risk tolerance, cash flow, and income needs, debts, net worth, total assets, tax needs, investment time horizon, asset allocation, health, and investment experience.” The court also reasoned that whether UBS performed a proper suitability analysis would have to be determined on an individual basis.  For these reasons, the court refused to certify the lawsuit as a class action.

FINRA Arbitration Remains an Option

While more than 1,000 UBS Puerto Rico bond fund investors filed individual FINRA arbitration claims to recover their investment losses, many more investors have not taken any action. Presumably many investors believed that the class action lawsuit would address their investment losses. But now that the court has rejected the class action, a FINRA arbitration claim appears to the be only recourse that Puerto Rico investors have left if the hope to recover their investment losses.  

UBS Puerto Rico Bonds Fund Portrayed as Safe

Investors have claimed the UBS Puerto Rico bond funds were falsely portrayed as safe fixed-income securities. In reality, the bond funds had an enormous percentage of their assets in risky Puerto Rico bonds. Moreover, the funds used leverage (borrowed money) to buy many of the bonds held within the funds. The use of leverage dramatically increased the risk of loss to the bond fund investors.

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