DKR is Investigating Herbert J. Sims & Co., Inc. (HJ Sims) Relating to Sales of its Reg D Offerings

Dimond Kaplan & Rothstein, P.A. is investigating securities brokerage firm Herbert J. Sims & Co. Inc. ("HJ Sims"), for its sales of certain SEC Regulation Reg D ("Reg D") securities. HJ Sims sold at least 84 different Reg D private securities offerings during the last decade.

A recent study regarding HJ Sims' sales of Reg D securities to investors found that they were placed in a conflict of interest. Specifically, the study states that HJ Sims executives made large investments in the securities and they would profit handsomely if the securities performed well. But, HJ Sims allegedly would shift the losses to customers if the securities did not perform well. This shifting of risk to customers could have caused HJ executives to make riskier investments because they could simply shift the risk to HJ Sims' customers.

At least 10 of the Reg D securities offerings have failed to make their interest payments and/or principal payments. Moreover, HJ Sims may have reported values to customers that were not accurate. Those Reg D offerings are as follows:

Cypress Point Funding LLC

Gryphon Finance I, LLC

Hawkeye Village Finance I, LLC

HJSI Athena Portfolio Finance LLC

Madison Funding I, LLC

Poet’s Walk Funding I, LLC

Riverchase Funding LLC

Sims Cathcart Funding LLC

Tuscan Isle ChampionsGate Holdings LLC

Tuscan Isle Holdings 1, LLC

What Can Investors Do?

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