ASAM/Andrew Rosenberg and Stuart Horowitz Sales of Capital Solutions and Other Private Placements

Dimond Kaplan & Rothstein, P.A. continues to investigate claims regarding ASAM's sales of the Hennessey Financial Monthly Income Fund, LP n/k/a Capital Solutions and other private placements and TICs. Stockbrokers Andrew Rosenberg and Stuart Horowitz were ASAM's principals who sold Hennessey and Capital Solutions investments through the brokerage firm NFP Securities, Inc. in Coral Springs, Florida. Other NFP brokers also sold the securities to investors. The brokers are believed to have engaged in securities fraud and stockbroker misconduct when they misrepresented that Capital Solutions and other private placements were safe.

We believe that brokerage firm NFP failed to meet its legal and regulatory obligations to perform adequate due diligence on investment products that its brokers sold. Such a failure subjects brokerage firms like NFP to potential liability for investors' losses. Investors would pursue such claims through binding FINRA arbitration. In addition, we believe that brokers Andrew Rosenberg and Stuart Horowitz, as well as other brokers who sold these products, misrepresented the level of risk associated with Capital Solutions and other private placements, such as True North Finance, and tenant-in-common (TIC) investments.

This is not the first time that broker Andrew Rosenberg has been accused of failing to tell investors the truth. In September 2012, FINRA announced that it suspended and fined Rosenberg for failing to inform investors that he was being compensated to provide legal services to the issuer of securities that he was recommending and selling to his customers.

If you lost money in Capital Solutions f/k/a Hennessey Financial Monthly Income Fund, True North Finance Corporation preferred shares, or other private placements or TICs, contact DKR for a free consultation. Dimond Kaplan & Rothstein, P.A. is a nationally recognized law firm with offices in Miami, West Palm Beach, Los Angeles, and New York. We represent individual and institutional investors in claims against brokerage firms and banks.

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