FINRA Arbitration Primer - Part 1 of 8 | FINRA Arbitration Lawyer

FINRA Arbitration Primer - Part 1 of 8

This is the first of an eight-part blog series that will provide investors with information about the FINRA arbitration process. Please come back to our blog periodically to follow this series.

Investors who have disputes over a stockbroker’s or brokerage firm’s misconduct generally must pursue their claims through binding arbitration with the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA). That is, investors usually are not permitted to go to court to seek compensation for their damages, rather they must resort to FINRA’s private arbitration process. These claims would include complaints that a stockbroker made unauthorized trades, recommended unsuitable investments, made excessive trades, stole money from a client, or misrepresented the risks of an investment. The claims also could include complaints that a brokerage firm negligently supervised a broker or sold a fraudulent investment.

Why FINRA Arbitration?

In 1987, the U.S. Supreme Court decided Shearson/American Express v. McMahon, which held that broker-dealers can enforce arbitration clauses in contracts when a customer brings a dispute over securities transactions. Since then, virtually all securities brokerage firms include mandatory arbitration clauses in their customer agreements, requiring all disputes to be filed wiht FINRA’s arbitration forum.

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