U.S. Treasury Has No Plans to Prevent Puerto Rico Bond Losses

Many Puerto Rico bond investors have suffered millions of dollars of losses as their Puerto Rico bond and Puerto Rico bond fund holdings have declined in value. We have heard that some UBS Financial Services Incorporated of Puerto Rico brokers have told investors that there is no need to worry because the United States would provide financial assistance to prevent Puerto Rico from defaulting on its debt. But according to an anonymous U.S. Treasury Department spokesperson, the U.S. Treasury Department is not planning to provide such financial assistance. As such, it appears that UBS Puerto Rico may be simply trying to keep investors from filing FINRA arbitration claims to recover their UBS Puerto Rico bond fund losses.

Puerto Rico's debt is hovering just above junk bond status and forced selling of these risky Puerto Rico bonds has caused prices to drop significantly. Some experts believe that the worst is yet to come, which likely would lead to even greater Puerto Rico bond fund investment losses.

Many investors now claim that the Puerto Rico bond funds were too risky for them and that UBS Puerto Rico never should have sold the Puerto Rico bond funds to them. Moreover, many investors are suffering massive losses because UBS Puerto Rico concentrated many investors' accounts in Puerto Rico bonds and UBS Puerto Rico bond funds. Investors with such claims generally must pursue their dispute against UBS Puerto Rico through binding FINRA arbitration. Our law firm has represented thousands of investors in such claims and investors who lost money in Puerto Rico bonds and UBS Puerto Rico bond funds are encouraged to contact our firm for a free consultation our Puerto Rico bonds lawyers.

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