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A FINRA Arbitration Lawyer's Role in Your Case

During the course of your FINRA arbitration case, your lawyer will gather evidence and interview witnesses in an effort to prepare your case for the final hearing. While an experienced FINRA arbitration lawyer will prepare your case so that it is in the best position to be tried in front of the arbitrators, many cases settle before the final hearing through a settlement conference known as mediation. Mediation usually is a one-day meeting among the parties and their lawyers that is facilitated by a neutral mediator who attempts to help the parties negotiate and reach a mutually agreeable settlement.

Unlike the arbitration final hearing, where the parties’ collective fate is in the hands of the arbitrators, who issue a binding decision, the parties participate in a mediation settlement conference to control the result of the case. The brokerage firm decides how much money it wants to offer to the investor to settle the case and the investor decides whether the offered amount is sufficient to accept in exchange for the dismissal of their claim. Neither party can force the other to enter into a settlement. A settlement saves costs, eliminates risk, prevents aggravation, and allows both parties to go on with business and their lives in general that otherwise would be delayed by the final hearing. Even when mediation does not result in a settlement, parties generally learn something more about the strengths and weaknesses about their cases and that of their opponents. That information can assist the parties when they then proceed to the final hearing.

Do You Need a FINRA Arbitration Lawyer

Dimond Kaplan & Rothstein’s FINRA arbitration lawyers have mediated hundreds of cases on behalf of investment fraud victims and have recovered millions of dollars on behalf of their claims. With offices in Miami, Los Angeles, West Palm Beach, and New York, DKR represents Wall Street fraud and stockbroker negligence victims throughout the United States, and Latin America. Contact one of our stockbroker misconduct lawyers for a free case evaluation.

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