Court in Colorado Sentences Financial Visions Ponzi Schemer

Daniel B. Rudden of Denver was recently sentenced to 10-years in prison for running a lengthy Ponzi scheme through his Financial Visions companies by a Federal Court in Colorado. 

Authorities Order Disgorgement and Restitution Order

The Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) permanently enjoins Mr. Rudden and his companies of violating antifraud provisions of the securities law. Authorities are also ordering disgorgement of $6.5M and requesting Mr. Rudden’s frozen assets to be used to help satisfy that criminal restitution order. 

In the parallel criminal case, Mr. Rudden was sentenced to serve 121 months in federal prison accompanied by three years of supervised release and required to pay restitution of approximately $20M to the victims of his Ponzi scheme.

Hallmarks of a Ponzi Scheme

A Ponzi scheme is criminal theft on a large scale. Often called a pyramid scheme because of how money moves, money of new investors is used to make payments to earlier investors. A hallmark of a Ponzi scheme is that there is no “investment” occurring — money is simply being shifted from one person to another, with the initiator of the investment scheme skimming money off the top in order to keep the scheme going. 

In this case, Mr. Rudden promised investors returns, instead using the funds for personal lifestyle expenses, only taking money and not making investments. 

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