Forgivable Loan and Promissory Note Disputes

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Brokerage firms commonly recruit registered representatives (brokers) to gain access to their books of business. Typically, brokerage firms offer up-front payments in the form of forgivable loans or promissory notes to lure brokers.

If the broker stays with the brokerage firm through the duration of the forgivable loan or promissory note, the broker is not obligated to repay the money if the broker then leaves the firm. But if the broker resigns or is terminated before the loan or note is fully forgiven, the brokerage firm generally expects the broker to pay back to an unforgiven portion of the loan or promissory note. But there may be circumstances that justify your refusal to repay the outstanding portion of the loan or promissory note, including fraudulent employment law practices, false promises, wrongful termination, or breach of contract. Such circumstances could form the basis for counterclaims against the brokerage firms.

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