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Did you trust your stockbroker’s advice and invest in variable annuities — an investment which proved disastrous? Do you suspect stockbroker misconduct or brokerage liability? Was your stockbroker actually engaging in churning for the sake of commissions, without sufficient regard for the outcome from your point of view?

Did Your Stockbroker Choose Unsuitable Sub-Accounts?

A stockbroker who makes riskier choices than what a customer is willing to accept is a stockbroker who failed to know his or her customer or failed to act in the customer’s best interests.

Perhaps key facts were not disclosed, such as penalties for early withdrawal — and these penalties ate into your profit or brought about a net loss. Perhaps the variable annuities are tied to risky stock or bond investments which proved unwise.

Whatever the specific circumstances behind the loss of your investments, you are right to question your legal remedies if a stockbroker recommended unsuitable financial products or engaged in unauthorized trading in variable annuities with your funds. Talk to an experienced Miami variable annuities lawyer at our law firm to learn how we may be able to help you recover part or all of your erroneous investments.

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