Insigneo Securities Broker Antoine Souma Sued for $1.4 Million

A retired doctor has filed a Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA) arbitration claim against Antoine Souma, Galliott Capital Advisors, and Insigneo Securities LLC seeking $1.4 million in damages. This is the most recent accusation against the once-high-flying broker Souma. According to the complaint, Souma artificially inflated the client's risk profile, failed to disclose transactions to the investor, and made excessive trades in (or "churned") the investor’s brokerage account. The investor claims to have lost $1.4 million as a result of the misconduct.

According to the complaint, Souma improperly replaced safe, short-term bonds in the investor’s account with longer-term and lower-quality bonds. These unapproved trades exposed the investor to greater interest-rate risk and greater credit risk, both contrary to the investor’s goals..

Insigneo Securities and Souma Accused of Excessive and Improper Margin Trades

Souma and Galliott allegedly improperly marked the investor’s account with an investment objective of “growth” and a “high” risk tolerance. Souma then shifted the investor's portfolio away from low-risk, short-term investments towards riskier, long-term bonds. Souma also allegedly improperly used margin debt in the investor’s account to purchase securities, which increased the risk of loss even more. 

While working with brokerage firm Insigneo, Souma and Galliott are accused of "churning" the investor's account by quickly selling newly acquired bonds. Churning involves a broker making trades for the primary purpose of generating commissions. 

Souma Has Been Accused of Other Misconduct

FINRA previously suspended Souma for providing false and misleading account reports to a customer. FINRA found that account reports that Souma provided to a customer had incorrect account values and incorrect account performance, failed to reflect certain securities that actually were held in the customer’s account, and understated commissions that were charged to the customer. Souma’s prior employer JP Morgan paid $14 million to settle claims related to that wrongdoing. FINRA also suspended Souma for two months.

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